Google Street View | Trusted - What You Get

Business 360 Photos Package Includes:

  • Photography session at your location by Google Trusted Photographer, Brad Appleby:
    • Full 360° virtual tour of your business using HDR technology.
    • Set of digital photographs of your business and product for your Google Places photo gallery, or for use directly on your web site.
  • Consultation session:
    • Assist you in setting up your Google Account and Google Places listing for the virtual tour.
    • Perform a basic SEO analysis of your web site including suggested actions to take to ensure you're found in search results.
  • Extensive processing after the photo shoot to create the virtual tour, digitally enhance photographs, integrate both into your Google Places listing, and  link your business to Street View (creates an arrow from Street View pointing to your storefront and the virtual tour).
  • Virtual tour and still images are hosted by Google for free.  There are no ongoing charges for this service.
  • Virtual tour and still images are shown on your Google Places page, next to your Google Search result within Google Maps.
  • All copyrights are transferred to you.  You may use the imagery however you like, including easily embedding the virtual tour directly on your web site, as well as the digital photographs.